Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Cat

'I have a lovely cat', he said.
She almost believed him. Who would lie about their cat? 
They walked hand in hand, towards nowhere. She wondered why she trusted him so much. They had only met two hours before and he could be a serial killer, for all she knew. Still, he was smiling at her and she felt comfortable once again.

‘I want you to see my cat’, he said, grinning.

‘All right’, she heard herself answer.

It was the beginning of September and the trees were still dark green. There were children playing in front of their blocks of flats. School hadn't begun yet. Alice was a primary teacher, she loved children and they loved her back. Oliver was still a stranger to her, but one with a supposedly lovely cat.
‘We are almost there’, she heard him say.
There was nothing she feared in his voice. She usually didn't trust people that easily, but this time something was totally different. He was looking at her as if she was this special girl he didn't want to let go. She could not remember when someone had looked at her like this.
‘I live with my cat, but we have room for one more’, he added, laughing.
‘I don't mind sharing you’, she whispered, thinking she was becoming too flirtatious.
‘Here's your key, then.’
She took it, smiled at him and unlocked the door. The white cat greeted her with a long meow. It was love at first sight. 


Bellezza Mjs said...

Oh, Ally, I love this post! No wonder you have it listed under 'favorites'. It brings to mind a wonderful children's book (although really, I think it's more for adults) entitled For The Love of Autumn by Patricia Polacco. I know you would like it, too.

Ally said...

I am so glad you like it, mainly because it is my creation :) I will look up the story you mentioned, thanks for dropping by :)

Alle Deac said...

Oh, my!!!!!!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I feel like I am reading a part of my life!
To be continued?

Ally said...

I am happy you like it, I hope not to lose my inspiration with the craziness at school :))

Alle Deac said...

You have to stay positive and avoid stupid people!!!