Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tish & Pish - 6 Word Sum Up

Fancy Language Can Be much Fun.

It is quite uplifting from time to time to peruse a book that is not a novel. In fact, it is a book about language, and what language that is!
Here are a few examples of gorgeosities:

How are you? - May I enquire as to whether you are in receipt of a state of bodily wellness?

Oh no, not you again - Tish and pish, has the restraining order already expired?

Pleased to meet you - I tingle in your presence.

Hi, allow me to introduce myself - Greetings, pleasure me with permission to present myself to you for evaluation as a potential friend, lover or colleague.

I can read you like a book. I bet you’re great between the covers. - Your forehead appears to have about seventy thousand
words imprinted thereupon. I’d hazard that you are accomplished in the rumpy-pumpy department.

Every cloud has a silver lining - Every visible collection of fluffy, floating water particles possesses a surface layer of a lustrous, pliable metallic element of the atomic number forty-seven.

Oi, taxi! - Forgive my shouting in the street in this rather vulgar manner, but I should like to reserve the usagenosity of your taximeter cabriolet for a journey to... oh, fiddlesticks, someone else has beaten me thereto.