Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

7 reasons to watch "Will"

"Fight for what you believe in!"

1. "Will" is a 2017 show that no one with an interest in the life of the famous playwright William Shakespeare should miss.

2. The young (and hot) Will's life is presented before he became famous, after he arrives in London eager to make a name for himself.

3. If you loved the Oscar winning film "Shakespeare in Love" just imagine this is a better version of the movie, with better costumes, soundtrack and more intriguing facts.

4. The TV show adds more characters in Will's life and presents his artistic struggles better than any other show or movie about the Bard's life.

5. It is a fun, vivid show, full of punk rock music and irony, in which Will is no longer a dusty old man, but a cool yet naive young man struggling to become the one and only Shakespeare.

6. Marlowe, Shakespeare's supposed rival, is present as well, but not as a mere rival, he is Will's admirer, too and this adds to the main character's depth.

7. The show also tackles an unexpected idea: Will is a practicing Catholic, which was illegal in England at that time, and this fact increases the danger in which he may find himself while in London.