Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Diego & Frida - Six Word Sum Up

Frida was an amazing woman with an incredible talent. She started to fascinate me back in high school, when I discovered her breathtaking paintings and her unbelievably aching yet admirable life. Since then, I have bought (or received) her art albums and read one or two books about her life.  In 2011, in Istanbul I even admired some of their paintings and sketches from the Gelman collection.

Most of Frida's work and life revolve around her love for Diego Rivera, whom she considers more than a lover. In a poem quoted by Le Clezio, she states that Diego is her best friend, her fellow artist, her father and mother, her child, her universe.

Art - the only way to exist
The book is written by Le Clezio, the French writer who was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature back in 2008. I expected more insight into Frida's life, but I guess I will have to read her diary, which is on my list. The book focuses on the romance between the Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, their political involvement and their travels to the United States and Europe. The biography is a short one, but it is the perfect introduction in the lives of the two painters, Diego the Womanizer and Frida the Sufferer... 

"L'infirmité progressive, l'enfermement dans la solitude de la douleur ont transformé le rêve d'enfant en fantasme, et donné une valeur presque mythique à cette autre elle-même, qu'elle scrute indéfiniment dans son miroir." p.65

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