Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Things I Learnt from AVATAR

Yes, I have seen it. I thought it would be a a waste of precious time, but it wasn't, even if I will never choose a 95% animated movie over a "real" one... Still, it was worth it because I discovered that:

1. Women will still continue to be as hysterical as they are today.

2. Things seen from above seem deeper than seen from below.

3. Long hair will be essential.

4. No matter how pressed for time you are, you will still find some minutes for a new hairdo.

5. Having a big bird is more important than possessing a gun.

6. A look can tame even a pussycat.

7. The bad guy always misses when confronted with choosing the best option in order to destroy the hero.

8. Americans will afford to invade a new planet, but it will still be almost impossible for their soldiers to "get' a new pair of legs.

9. The Americans don't win at the end of this movie, which makes it even more ironical, given the fact that they spent millions of dollars to produce/see it.

10. English will be the only language worth knowing.


cosmin said...

very interesting!
alte pareri despre realizarea filmului?
scenariu, imagine, scenografie, muzica?

cosmin said...

mai scrie si pe blogul meu ca nu-si scrie nimeni pus filmele 2001 si 2002, muzica din 2000,2001,2002.

Ally said...

Cosmin, as tot scrie, dar nu am vreme nici sa mor... abia reusesc cateva randuri pe blog-ul meu, si de multe ori le planific, stiind ca voi fi ocupata... Muzica la Avatar..? care muzica? looool Aici Mihai e mai priceput, cand vine vorba de acurateturi...

Ralu said...

De cand tot zic ca ajung si eu la filmu' asta. Nici n-am citit postul tau ca nu vreau sa aflu detalii. Revin cand reusesc si eu sa vad in albastru. :D