Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We all copy, whether that's during exams, or simply in our everyday life. We copy the way divas dress, act, eat or read (reading is good, so that doesn't count as a flaw). We copy ideas, and that's ok as long as we can at least add something of our own.
We copy blogs and postings, hoping they will be as interesting to read and access as the original ones.
Now, one question arises. Are we being less creative because of the internet and the so many sources available for every possible creative thought or this happened before but not at such a massive scale?
I guess we just have to think for ourselves and the rest will follow! We are too consumed with checking if we are trendy and people will like what we do, say or write and these turn us into copy cats!
Now, let me copy and paste this cute pic I found on the net, and then I'll go on reading one of Madonna's favorite books :)

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Mike said...

Heeeeeey! What are you trying to say? Hmmmmmm :P

Prea tare poza, nu stiu cum ai reusit sa o gasesti asa :D