Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today I have read an interesting article about the so called theory of "broken windows". This theory states that ignoring little problems around us - litter, graffiti, shattered glass - leads to an irreversible decline in the community. In other words, if we ignore dirt, we will end up being suffocated by it. If we do not fix a broken window, chances are others will be broken as well. There are even studies and books to prove that the theory, dated back in 1982, is completely true.
These petty crimes give birth to a negative feedback; e.g. if we see litter in an area, chances are we will be prone to throwing rubbish everywhere as well. Does this theory apply to you? Before saying no, try to be true to yourself!
Is there anything we can do to change this pattern of behaviour? Definitely! The answer is being responsible and caring for what lies beyond our limited universe.

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