Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Extension du domaine de l'amour... ou Paris in July part I

Mid July, I managed to read two of the three books I planned for Paris in July challenge and I was quite pleased with them, even though the two books are quite different. Here is why:

"Extension du domaine de la lutte" was written in 1994 by the French Michel Houellebecq and it was as its protagonist a depressed 30 year old man working as a programmer and whose name is not mentioned.

"Sleeping with Paris" was written in 2013 by Juliette Sobanet, who spent her youth years in the United States and Paris. Her protagonist is Charlotte Summers, a young French teacher in the States who discovers, just days before moving to Paris with her fiance, that he is a cheating bastard.

"Extension" is much for serious than Sobanet's book and I found the male character quite obnoxious from time to time, while having problems understanding his attitudes and complaints. I did not see him evolving, and this is a major trait I look for in the characters from the books I read. In fact, there is a lack of purpose and desire in him that I did not find suitable for a book during the summer days. However, it is quite interesting to see the controversial Houellebecq at work.

On the other hand, "Sleeping in Paris", or "Love in Paris" (the Romanian translation) is a light, funny book, full of kisses, sexy French guys and love... something we all connect the City of Light with, especially during a hot (please get the 'double-entendre' of the word) July. I loved its pace and the fact that each chapter brings something exciting along, whether that is a French neighbour offering you chocolates and nights full of passion, or the ex-husband who appears out of the blue to convince you he has made a huge mistake. The book is the first in a series of romantic reads set in Paris and they seem perfect for my next Paris in July challenges.


Tamara said...

Ally, sometimes a little 'love in Paris' is the perfect read. I've finished my lighter choice 'the little French Guesthouse', now it's time to settle into something a little more meaty. 'Paris Light'. Lets see what the third week of July brings us.

Ally said...

Tamara, I quite enjoy reading all kinds of literature, especially during the summer holiday... I am so glad about your challenge :) Bonne lecture! :)

Bellezza said...

Somehow, "cheating bastards" intrigue me, although my husband is loyal and true. I guess it's interesting to see the way that women recuperate from being betrayed, and Sleeping With Paris sounds the most interesting of the two. I am unable to read anything heavy these days! Also, it would bother me too if the character in the first one was not fully developed.

I need to read something for your Romanian challenge soon! I already bought a collection so it's waiting for me. xo

Ally said...

More reasons to look into it. As for the Romanian challenge, I just finished two more books this month, the only problem is finding time time to write about them :)