Monday, July 6, 2015

Boredom Read Along Part I

"In the beginning was boredom, commonly called chaos. God, bored with boredom, created the earth, the sky, the waters, the animals, the plants, Adam and Eve; and the latter bored in their turn in paradise, ate the forbidden fruit. God became bored with them and drove them out of Eden."

I have only managed to read a third of Alberto Moravia's book, due to a very busy weekend, but I can truly say it is not as enjoyable as "Contempt", mainly because I could not relate to the main character who does not find pleasure in anything, whether that is money, women or art. He seems to be bored with life itself, without feeling the need to end it, but rather go into rambling speeches about "boredom". Maybe the movie will be more interesting.

"And the main feature of my boredom was the practical impossibility of remaining in my own company - I myself being, moreover, the only person in the world whom I could not get rid of in any possible way." 

To be continued...


Bellezza said...

I can't believe I didn't get to this when I had every intention to do so. I even bought the darn book! But, my oral surgery has not been conducive to much reading, and now school preparations are but a few weeks away. I don't feel I had summer yet! Hopefully, we can do another read-along together as I've enjoyed those we've done so much.

Ally said...

I read some extra 20 pages, I have the movie as well, but I prefer rediscovering some French writers at the moment really, the book does not seem very appealing. However, I plan on finishing it soon, I want to see how it ends :)