Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Le Week-end" in Paris

 If there is only one movie you should see this month, then it has to be "Le week-end", a British bittersweet comedy/drama written by Hanif Kureishi, whose book "Intimacy" I also enjoyed watching on the screen years ago.
The movie is about a married couple who decide to celebrate their 30th anniversary by going to Paris, where they spent their honeymoon. Nothing spectacular so far, except that they seem to feel differently about the stage they are in, and their relationship.
Although Nick feels that she is the only one he could love, Meg may be on the brink of asking for a divorce since she feels there is more than "THE one" in one's life. To quote her, "love dies only if you kill it", while Nick honestly states that "love is the only interesting thing, far more difficult to do than sex".
However, they do meet somewhere in the middle (on a Parisian bridge, maybe) to realize that the love between them is stronger than any whim or even resentment they may have. As The Telegraph put it, it is simply "sophisticated, sharp and funny". Is there anything else to ask for in a movie? Maybe that it be set in Paris? Checked :)


Tamara said...

I saw a review of this recently on TV and the reviewed didn't rave about this - but I think you're recommendation is worth more. I will see if I can find it. It would be fun to fit that in for Paris in July.. I love that every blogger looks at Paris in July in different ways - thanks for posting on movies and music. dont forget to link it into the monday menu Mr Linky.

Ally said...

Tamara, I am sure you will like it, I certainly did :) As for posting on movies and music, that is definitely something I also enjoy, besides reading (good) books, so maybe next year I will be part of your team :)

Melinda Larson-Horne said...

Looks fun - wish I hadn't missed it. I'm also looking forward to another Paris film, "Magic in the Moonlight" (debuting in 2 weeks).

Ally said...

Thanks for visiting, Melinda! You can find it on the internet, I am sure. As for "Magic in the moonlight",I will look it up :)