Friday, February 7, 2014

My Venice in February

 If you read this then know I am in the land of too much beauty, mystery and everything fairy tale-like. This year I have taken my Reading Challenge, Venice in February, a little bit further, actually, 1,000 km away, so I will not only be reading about Venice but I will also experience it through its famous museums and landmarks, wintery strolls,  and hot chocolates :) Bookwise, my first Donna Leon will be enjoyed, mainly while expecting for the flight to take off/land, and when I get back, the mystery surrounding Venice will still be present through  Delalande's "The Dante Trap".

If time allows it, I will be indulging in finishing "When God Was a Rabbit" for the reading club I coordinate at school and some personal thoughts written down by the Romanian actor, musician and creative mind, Tudor Chirila.

Follow your dreams!


Venetian Cat - Venice Blog said...

Hi, Ally -

I hope you are enjoying your time in Venice. Thank you for listing my blog -- your blog is outstanding.

Cat Bauer

Ally said...

Venice left me mesmerized for good :) Coming from you, this is a fantastic compliment, thank you! I have been following your posts for quite some time and they are always an inspiration for my soul :)