Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toasting with the Devil

 The last day of March brought about a lovely play by the incredibly creative and talented guys ( actually, one guy, two girls) from the independent film and theater company based in Cluj - Napoca and called "Create.Act.Enjoy"
 I first saw these great young actors in the show "A Toast with the Devil", inspired by M.J. Weeks' "The Devil's Diaries" and I instantly became a fan. They were so full of energy and creativity that the small price I paid for a ticket seemed quite an offence to their talent and work.
In a nutshell, the play had as its main character a rather sad devil and his two demons, Micky (pun intended in Romanian) and Lilith. What is the devil's story? He created a company whose business seems to flourish day in day out and his work is everywhere... or is it? I am still pondering on the answer, but what was sure was the fact that the three actors managed to make us smile and laugh and why not sign contracts... What contracts might you ask? Go see this wonderful show!

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