Thursday, September 13, 2012

Piercing - Six Word Sum Up

You probably know about my Japanese Literature Challenge... and "Piercing" is one of those books read for this challenge and which really made me thankful for having decided to join in, since it is a book you will never forget. If this is not enough for you to read it, then take into consideration that I stopped twice because I was shocked by the images and situations it presented... My first book by Ryu Murakami, but definitely not my last!

Unimaginable obsessions defeated by daring prostitute.

The Guardian has a great review here and I have a tempting passage below :)

"As he opened his eyes he found that his senses of sight and sound and smell were getting entangled with one another, and now came a snapping, crackling sensation and a pungent whiff of something organic burning. Yarn or fingernails, something like that. He moaned beneath his breath: Not again. It always started with the sweating, followed by this smell of charred tissue. Then a sudden sense of utter exhaustion, and finally that indescribable pain. As if the particles of air were turning to needles and piercing him all over. A prickling pain that spread like goose bumps over his skin until he wanted to scream. Sometimes a white mist clouded his vision and he could actually see the air particles turning into needles.
Calm down, he told himself. Relax, you’re all right, you’ve already made up your mind you’ll never stab her. Everything’s going to be all right."

Read for The Japanese Literature Challenge and The New Authors Challenge.


Bellezza said...

Okay, now I have to get this for sure. I love the suspense novels in the Japanese genre, and the books I've read from Ryu Murakami have been great. I especially loved Coin Locker Babies.

I'm sure you've read Out? Another thrilling read, but by a different author.

Ally said...

I haven't read "Out", I will look into it. Actually, I was not really into suspense novels, but this book made me change my mind. It was so thrilling reading it I kept on postponing other things just to finish it :)

Mihai said...

After reading your six words sum up I feel like having read the book. Keep 'em coming! :P

Ally said...

I will, I will :)) Do you prefer a certain author? :))

Mihai said...

I prefer authors who write. Books. :P