Saturday, January 3, 2009


Every new year people talk about resolutions, you know, those decisions you say you are going to apply in your life in the new year but then, either forget about or you don't have the time or patience to follow and by the end of the year, they turn into delusions.
This year though, I am going to strive to accomplish them.
Not in a particular order:
~ Read more
~ Laugh more
~ Exercise more
~ Love more
~ Be more understanding
~ Use my time meaningfully
~ Visit new places

The magazine "Self Help" offers a few keys to a successful result when it comes to resolutions:
- put some thought into your resolution
- make it realistic
- set a firm resolution
- set a timetable
- make a plan
- find resources
- don't give up
- find a resolution partner
- reward yourself

I hope you find them useful! Now, what are your resolutions for 2009?


dorys said...

this year i have proposed to be a good person,to learn more than last year,to help people,

Goghe_Gogo said...

If you ask me I can't be sure because I think that God has choosen my way through life and I am ready to face everything from this road named life.2009 is going to be another year from our life and we are getting older year with year,my motto in my life is "enjoy it how much you you can".

Goghe_Gogo said...

in 2009 I want to change everything in my life in good,and help everyone:men,women,children.I want happiness in all the world and the thing I desire most is........................................that those russians run the gaz pump as soon as possible

Violeta said...

This year I will study more deep,because I want to realise all my dreams.Also I will help my family,I`ll go out more often with my friends and 2009 for me means a lot of fun.

marcela said...

I decided to do many thngs this year,but it is secret.

alyna:* said...

This year i want to do more things than 2008..i want to study more deep,to be a good person with a beautiful character...and every day of my life to be useful for me and for others....and of couse..this year i want to meet with my parents..:*

steluta eliza said...

This year,i've decided to be much better than last year,and I've decided also to study more.

klauditza_klaus said...

This year i wanna fall in love with a sooper guy ...:)):))and wanna visit irland...

sanctus_emperor said...

Sounds great crazy rider! The business works wonderfull. My dream has become true. I have been waiting this for ages. " Asta-i pohta ce-am pohtit ". Let's rock !